Wireless Interface 4 Wires | Elite


Reference: VOKKER-ELITE-UE001-WI

This Wireless Interface (WI) allows you to connect the Vokkero Elite system’s audio conference to a 4-wire wired intercom or other audio equipment.

It is a reliable audio gateway compatible with any VAR equipment, guarantees reliability & clear audio.

Technical Specifications

  • Audio In and Audio Out on XLR 4-wire
  • Audio In and Audio out gain settings
  • Same features as on a ELITE radio terminal
  • Optional remote antenna
  • Supply voltage: 24V nominal
  • Maximum consumption: 300mA
  • Supply: Mains supply
  • Dimensions: 230 x 110 x 50mm
  • Weight: 650g

kr. 21.075,00

Prices in Danish Krone (DKK) including VAT


ELITE 1 HD BROADCAST audio quality

ELITE 4 Increased robustness to radio interferences

WIELITE 1 ELITE features an extra robustness radio link between main ref and WI

WIELITE 2   Smooth connection with 4-wire intercoms and broadcasting systems

WIELITE 3  Integrated buit-in radio terminal, no risk of audio disconnection