Referee Kit 3 Users | Vokkero Squadra One Kit


Ready-to-use SQUADRA ONE kit for 3 users dedicated to entry-level referees, containing: radio terminals, micro-earphones, charger and accessories in option.

All the VOKKERO technology in an accessible and plug & play system: SQUADRA ONE. A simple and pre-configured system adapted to referees of all sports officiating up to 4 people without VAR (video assistant referees). In less than 20 seconds, the products are functional and communication is established.

VOKKERO is the brand used for more than 15 years by almost all the professional football leagues and federations in the world.

The VOKKERO SQUADRA has been used in particular during the last 4 Football World Cups.

Kit Content

  • 3 VOKKERO SQUADRA ONE terminals
  • 1 Charger (4 slot) + Power supply
  • 3 headsets KEN220
  • 1 carrying soft bag
  • 1 user guide

Technical Specifications

  • Audio: 8khz
  • Range: Up to 800m
  • Battery life: Up to 10 hours (rechargeable Li-Polymer battery)
  • Royalty-free frequency operation
  • Weight: 100g (battery included)
  • Dimensions: 95 x 50 x 13mm
  • Operating temperature: -10°C / +50°C (14/122°F)
  • Recharging: max. 4 hours of charging time
  • Video refereeing: not suitable

kr. 7.300,00

Prices in Danish Krone (DKK) including VAT

Key Benefits

SQUADONEIntuitive handling: plug & play, no configuration needed

SQUADONE 2 Internationally proven system and technology at the highest Pro level

SQUADONE 3 Full duplex & hands-free, instant and permanent communication

SQUADONE 4 Patented noise filter: total suppression of any noise, only the voice

SQUADONE 5 4 users maximum in the same conference

SQUADONE 6 Affordable solution adapted to your needs