Since 2005, VOKKERO has been offering audio equipment for professional referees. Used by 98% of soccer federations and confederations around the world, our wireless communication systems have been designed with and for professional referees. They are suitable for all sports such as basketball, rugby, volleyball, ice hockey and sailing all over the world.

Our R&D team explains all the innovations they have integrated into the VOKKERO ELITE. Take a few minutes to listen to them.

Fabien DE BARROS, our PhD in Optics and Radiofrequency, talks about the designs aspects and how we dramatically increased the resistance of VOKKERO ELITE to frequency disruptors.

Remy VINCENT, our PhD in Signal Processing, demonstrates benefits of having a proprietary audio signal processing as in the VOKKERO ELITE.

Thomas MILLOU, Embedded Software Architect, speaks about the software, the pulsing brain of VOKKERO ELITE.

Yara Van Daalen, our Full Stack Engineer, presents our web application which will enable remote management of VOKKERO products in real time, before and during games.